RGraph: HTML5 canvas graph library - Traditional radar chart documentation

A traditional radar chart.

The example file is here.

    window.onload = function ()
        var data = [3, 3, 41, 37, 16];
        var tradar = new RGraph.Tradar('myTradar', data);
        tradar.Set('chart.background.circles', true);
        tradar.Set('chart.color', 'rgba(255,0,0,0.5)');
        tradar.Set('chart.circle', 20);
        tradar.Set('chart.circle.fill', 'rgba(200,255,200,0.5)');
        tradar.Set('chart.labels', ['Safari (3%)', 'Other (3%)', 'MSIE 7 (41%)', 'MSIE 6 (37%)', 'Firefox (16%)']);
        tradar.Set('chart.key', ['Market share', 'A made up figure']);

Available properties

You can use these properties to control how the chart apears. You can set these properties by using the Set() method. Eg:

myTradar.Set('color', 'rgba(255,0,0,0.5)');

chart.gutter The gutter that the chart uses. This is effectively the margin.
Default: 25
chart.color The color of the radar chart.
Default: rgba(255,0,0,0.5)
chart.circle What value to draw a circle at. Defaults to zero (off). You could use this to represent a limit of some sort.
Default: 0
chart.circle.fill What color to fill the circle with.
Default: red
chart.circle.stroke What color to stroke (ie The outline) the circle with.
Default: black
chart.title The title, if any, of the chart.
Default: Not set
chart.title.color The color of the title.
Default: black
chart.title.vpos This allows you to completely override the vertical positioning of the title. It should be a number between 0 and 1, and is multiplied with the gutter and then used as the vertical position. It can be useful if you need to have a large gutter.
Default: null
chart.labels The labels to use for the chart.
Default: An empty array
chart.labels.offsetx The X pixel offset for the labels.
Default: 10
chart.labels.offsety The Y pixel offset for the labels.
Default: 10
chart.text.font The font used to render the text.
Default: Verdana
chart.text.color The color of the labels.
Default: black
chart.text.size The size of the text (in points).
Default: 10
chart.background.circles Whether to draw the grey background circles.
Default: true
chart.linewidth The width of the outline.
Default: 1
chart.key An array of two descriptions. The actual radar, and the indicated limit circle.
Default: Not set
chart.key.shadow Whether a small drop shadow is applied to the key.
Default: false
chart.key.position Determines the position of the key.Either graph (default), or gutter.
Default: graph
chart.key.background The background color of the key. If the key covers too much, you can use a semi-transparent colour - eg. rgba(255,255,255,0.7).
Default: #fff
chart.contextmenu An array of context menu items. More information on context menus is here.
Default: [] (An empty array)
chart.annotatable Whether annotations are enabled for the chart (ie you can draw on the chart interactively.
Default: false
chart.annotate.color If you do not allow the use of the palette, then this will be the only colour allowed for annotations.
Default: black
chart.zoom.mode Can be used to control whether the zoom is in thumbnail or canvas mode. Possible values are: thumbnail and canvas.
Default: canvas
chart.zoom.factor This is the factor that the graph will be zoomed by (bigger values means more zoom)
Default: 1.5
chart.zoom.fade.in Whether the zoomed canvas fades in or not. This also can be used to control the fade in for the zoom in thumbnail mode.
Default: true
chart.zoom.fade.out Whether the zoomed canvas fades out or not. This also can be used to control the fade in for the zoom in thumbnail mode.
Default: true
chart.zoom.hdir The horizontal direction of the zoom. Possible values are: left, center, right
Default: right
chart.zoom.vdir The vertical direction of the zoom. Possible values are: up, center, down
Default: down
chart.zoom.delay The delay (in milliseconds) between frames.
Default: 50
chart.zoom.frames The number of frames in the zoom animation.
Default: 10
chart.zoom.shadow Whether or not the zoomed canvas has a shadow or not.
Default: true
chart.zoom.thumbnail.width When the zoom is in thumbnail mode, this is the width (in pixels) of the thumbnail.
Default: 75
chart.zoom.thumbnail.height When the zoom is in thumbnail mode, this is the height (in pixels) of the thumbnail.
Default: 75
chart.tooltips A numerically indexed array of tooltips that are shown when a hotspot is hovered over. These can contain HTML.
Default: An empty array
chart.tooltip.effect The visual effect used when showing tooltips. Can be either fade or expand.
Default: fade